Welcome to Flamenco Girls! The first digital fashion collection, created for the metaverse and brought to life with the magic of Flamenco.
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Get Your Dance On by Flamenco Girls

Flamenco Girls  Showcase   Get Your Dance On by Flamenco Girls

Get Your Dance On by Flamenco Girls

Get Your Dance On is a virtual music video produced by the team at Flamenco Girls to show the magic of our new digital clothing collection. It features one of our fashion models, Destiny, wearing our outfits and dancing in an all digital environment to the rhythms of Flamenco.

Get Your Dance On by Flamenco Girls

Dancing in the Metaverse

The video showcases several pieces from our new collection, across 3 different styles, Glamorous, Eco-flower and Sportiv. The outfits she wears were all created by our designer, Manu Fernandez with influences from several Spanish cities including Huelva, Teruel, Pontevedra, Tarragona, and the Canary Islands.

Set in a modern geometric environment she dances to the sounds of a traditional Flamenco Rumba song we recorded called “The Sounds of Ibiza”. The dance was choreographed and recorded by Spanish Flamenco dancer Cecelia Gomez in our studio in Madrid, and shows her magical style as she flows through the different movements that give Flamenco its authenticity.

The Future of Fashion

Flamenco Girls is a Limited Edition collection of 5,500 exclusive, one-of-a-kind dancing Fashion NFTs. One of the first eco-friendly digital clothing collections, each outfit is made for the metaverse and changes the status quo as you can own what you wear

Fashion NFTs are a new type of NFT that include original fashion designs and artwork as well as schematics, cut sheets, and the full rights to make them. This means you can take them to your local dressmaker, have the perfect fit, support your local community, and own a unique outfit that no one else has.

Behind the Scenes

Destiny is the face of Flamenco girls, she is a digital fashion model who is at home in the metaverse and finds solace in spirituality and mindfulness. She meditates regularly and values inner peace and self-reflection as essential aspects of her personal growth.

Creating Destiny’s video required a huge amount of work, starting with recording the dance in the studio and then bringing it into the digital world. This data was then transferred to our digital model and the dance was fine-tuned to perfection to match her body.

We then set up the environment, different scenes and lighting and had a virtual fitting where Destiny tried on different outfits. These were then taken into our clothing simulator to bring them to life, and the result is the amazing cloth movements in the video. We then rendered out the final pieces using multiple camera angles, and then edited them together into a single seamless all-digital music video.

This was our first full-length video, and we are proud to say that everything was created and produced in-house. It shows off some of the amazing upcoming pieces of our new digital fashion collection and is a captivating fusion of art, fashion, dance, and technology where everything comes together in a harmonious and expressive tapestry using the power of the metaverse.

About Flamenco Girls

Get your dance on with Flamenco Girls, a Limited Edition collection of 5,500 exclusive, one-of-a-kind Fashion NFTs that dance just for you! Flamenco Girls is an eco-friendly digital clothing collection made for the metaverse that changes the status quo and lets you own what you wear!