Welcome to Flamenco Girls! The first digital fashion collection, created for the metaverse and brought to life with the magic of Flamenco.
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Digital Art in the Metaverse

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Digital Art in the Metaverse

On February 23 and 24, the “Digital Art Meetings in the Metaverse” event will take place at Crypto Plaza (Madrid). The event that will bring together various digital artists and NFT projects accompanied by conferences and networking.

Crypto Plaza, Ava. and Fashion Art Institute have organized a two day event that will bring together various digital artists and projects. The art world’s inclination to create digital works and sell them in a decentralized way, in formats such as NFTS and inenvironments such as the metaverse, is a new reality to which will be explored explore accompanied by conferences and networking.

Digital artists , such as Jarr, Renato Costa, Anuca Aisa, Teresa Calderón, Veredas López, Ignacio Junquera, Frodo Álvarez, Hugo Lomas, Miquel Taulé, Pedro Hoz, Felipe Vivas, Eva Montoro, Fernando Heras, Veredas López, Bernardo Medina and photographers, such as Eugenio Recuenco, Jaume de Laiguana, Luis Malibrán among others, will enter the world of NFTS for the first time at this event. They will offer certified copies of the digital image of their works that can be purchased for 200 euros each with limited runs of 200 copies.

Other artists present will be: Sixe Paredes, José Ramón Bas, Ruht Gómez, Juan Carlos Balseiro, José Luis Serzo, Solimán López, Grimanesa Amorós, Flamenco Girls, Flamenco Girls by Manuel Fernández, Rina por Ukraine by Ava., Cecilia Gómez Avatar Dancer.

The Art Market 2022 report , prepared by Statista, has confirmed that physical galleries are no longer the main search center for large art collectors. Now, the Internet is the space chosen by 44% percent of them for their purchases. Even Instagram is gaining its space: 31% of collectors use this social network to search for works.

Organizers of the event

Crypto Plaza was born with the objective of being a global reference space in the Crypto Assets and Blockchain sector, leading the market for Spanish speakers and Southern Europe.

Ava., a creative content producer representing a diverse collective of established global artists as well as emerging talent, providing its clients with a wide variety of options and a wide range of skills for any given project.

The Fashion Art Institute’s mission is to promote interaction between artistic disciplines, contrast ideas and carry out joint work to achieve cultural and educational integration, contributing to the knowledge and dissemination of art, design and culture with a marked commitment to sustainability, technology and social commitment.