Welcome to Flamenco Girls! The first digital fashion collection, created for the metaverse and brought to life with the magic of Flamenco.
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A fusion of fashion, art, dance & technology

Flamenco Girls is a limited edition, fully sustainable avant-garde digital clothing collection that revolves around the central theme of Flamenco fashion and culture, with modern interpretations that blend traditional elements with unique contemporary styles. It is being released to the public as a set of 5,500 fully ownable NFT’s.

Own what you wear

Each piece in the Flamenco Girls collection is a labour of love, created to embrace change. They include the dress, artwork, shots of the full outfit as well as one of our digital supermodels dancing to real Flamenco music. They also include exclusive content that only the owner can access, with everything you need to make the outfit at your local dressmaker.

Fabulous Dresses

Bringing the magic and passion of Flamenco to a one of a kind experience in fashion.

Amazing Art

Created by leading designers and artists, each piece is hand made to perfection.

Dancing Models

Each piece comes to life and dances before your eyes in the outfit that she wears.

Exclusive Content

Exclusive content including the dress designs, full dance data and music tracks.

The Flamenco Girls Collection

Our limited edition collection is based on 10 different themes influenced by the magic of Flamenco. Each item is 100% unique and is delivered as a high quality photo brought to life by real Flamenco dancers. Flamenco Girls NFTs are bringing the metaverse to life with beautiful handmade dresses and outfits that can be worn in virtual worlds, as well as in the real world.

A preview of the Flamenco Girls Malaga Collection

Flamenco Girls is inspired by the creative vision of its designer Manuel Fernandez. It is a limited edition, fully sustainable avant-garde collection that revolves around the central theme of Flamenco fashion and culture. It uses modern interpretations that blend traditional elements with unique contemporary styles that represent different attitudes, lifestyles and values.

The collection consists of 10 exclusive aesthetics styles inspired by flamenco culture that convey personal identity, cultural belonging, and social ideals in their own diversity. Each style includes a diverse type of attires, accessories, fabrics, patterns and colors so you can enjoy the collection based on your own preferences and passions.

What people are saying


"Finally my dress can be my own"

Being a model means you are always wearing these amazing dresses but they are never really yours. With Flamenco Girls I can actually own what I wear!

-Daria Fabro , Fashion Model


"A fresh new look for Fashion"

The excitement around Flamenco Girls is not just about owning a digital item, it's about being part of a creative movement that's reshaping the fashion landscape.

-Mayte Martinez , Marketing Specialist


Loving my new Digital Clothes!

With Flamenco Girls NFTs, I can express myself with different clothing styles in the metaverse, creating a whole new world of digital fashion identities.

-Marta Acedo , Graphic designer

Charities We Support

Flamenco Girls is focused on sharing social and environmental awareness through fashion and digital arts. One of our main purposes is to enrich the fashion sector through sustainability and social responsibility by supporting actions related to climate change, social justice, and human rights.