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Fashion, Art and Dance in the Metaverse

Flamenco Girls  Events   Fashion, Art and Dance in the Metaverse

Fashion, Art and Dance in the Metaverse

On December 14 Flamenco Girls will be presenting a fusion of Fashion, Art and Dance in the Metaverse in Malaga, Spain. The event will be hosted at the Centro De Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga (CAC), where top-level experts will meet with the aim of presenting and giving visibility to the fusion of art, fashion and style in the metaverse.

La Malaguena performed live and in the Metaverse

This event will include presentations by Agustin Gonzalez, director of Ava productions and Manuel Fernandez, international fashion designer, artist and founder of the Fashion Art Institute, who will speak about the future of virtual fashion in the metaverse and how this digital environment is revolutionizing the “fashion of the future”

The renowned bailaora and choreographer Cecilia Gómez, will dance the Malageña de Leucona together with her virtual Avatar in a fully immersive environment that can also be experienced by attendees in VR. She will also be announcing her upcoming project in the Metaverse, which will be released in partnership with Flamenco Girls and Spanish charity APRAMP.

There will also be a presentation by Raquel Santos, the lead designer from the Flamenco Girls project, who will explain in detail the 3D technology that she is using including a live demonstration on stage of the Smartsuit Pro II motion capture suit from Rokoko that was used to capture the dances in 3D real time for he project.

Food and drinks will be served, hosted by the Malaga City Hall and people will be able to support the charity, the benefits of which will go to APRAMP, a non-profit association that defends and promotes the rights of people who suffer trafficking and sexual exploitation in order to help them recover their freedom.

AVA Productions
Ava is a creative content production company based in Spain, but with a decidedly global outlook that represents a talented roster of international directors.

Fashion Art Institute
A project born with the aim of analyzing and promoting cultural interaction, the crossing of references between plastic artists and fashion design with a commitment to sustainability, technology and social commitment.